Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Libertarian Party Dishonor Family

Why are people Libertarian? The answers are many fold but I would like to cover some of the more common ones
* They Want to Legalize It
* The Democratic Party hates it when people make money, so I am a Libertarian
* The Republican Party hates Gays, Science, and my general social agenda so I am a Libertarian
* I belong to the Cult of Ron Paul (Ron Paul /b/)
* I belong to the cult of ayn rand
* I belong to the cult of Murray Rothbard
* I think their should be a third party and this is the least weird one
* I disagree with social norms and mores and want to use the Libertarian party to advance my agenda.

When you talk to Libertarians you don't hear them have passion about how the Libertarian Party's agenda will make the country better. You don't hear them talk about how if we do some to most of the libertarian party's agenda their will be a fundamental change for the better in most peoples lives.

Thats because people are running away from things in the Libertarian party of using it to advance their own social agenda.

So if you want to save the Libertarian party, you have to believe in it (and not just use it)

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